27th Eurasian Economic Summit

27th Eurasian Economic Summit

The twenty-seventh Summit of the Eurasian Economic Summits, organized continuously for twenty-seven years by the Marmara Group Foundation, was successfully held on February 21-22, 2024....

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International Relations


Prof.Dr.Özgür Çengel in Azerbaijan

18.7.2024 - Read : 56

Marmara Group Foundation Academic Council President and AREL University Faculty Member Prof.Dr.Özgür Çengel is in Baku to make academic contacts. Prof.Dr.Özgür Çengel also visited Caspian University in Baku and met with Rector Prof.Dr.Irade Khalilova and Secretary General Prof.Dr.Alovsat Amirbeyli.

8th Anniversary of July 15th

15.7.2024 - Read : 119

July 15th is the anniversary of Democracy and National Unity Day On this great day: we once again remember and experience the high commitment of our nation to democracy and national will. As Marmara Group Foundation, we commemorate with mercy our beloved martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the future of our country and we express our gratitude to our heroic veterans.

Anvarjon Otakhodjayev was at Marmara Group Foundation

12.7.2024 - Read : 310

Nemengan City Governor Anvarjon Otakhodjayev visited Marmara Group Foundation. During the visit where the valuable cooperation between Turkey and Uzbekistan in the field of civil society was brought up; Dr. Akkan Suver invited Governor Anvarjon Otakhodjayev to the 28th Eurasian Economic Summit to be held next year. During the visit where Sezgin Bilgiç, Cafer Okray, Serhat Tabanca, Müjgan Suver, Özlem Çuhadar, Cihan Sancak, Kadir Yelbey from Marmara Group Foundation were present, Governor Anvarjon Otakhodjayev made Dr. Akkan Suver wear a caftan robe.

We lost Necibe Ece

11.7.2024 - Read : 137

We have learned that the Member of the Board of Trustees of Marmara Group Foundation Prof. Dr. Turhan Ece's esteemed mother has passed away.We share our friend's justified and great pain. May God's mercy be upon the deceased, who will be buried today in Eskişehir Alaaddin Mosque, Eskişehir Asri cemetery. We wish patience to our dear friend.

Nemengan Governor visited Adem Ceylan.

9.7.2024 - Read : 310

Shavkatjon Abdurazakov, Governor of Nemengam Province of Uzbekistan, visited Adem Ceylan, President of Kocaeli Güzeller Organized Industrial Zone. Shavkatjon Abdurazakov, who made an inspection in Güzeller Organized Industrial Zone, expressed his appreciation for the region. Governor Shavkatjon Abdurazakov presented a souvenir gift to Adem Ceylan and Dr. Akkan Suver after the visit. Adem Ceylan also presented Governor Shavkatjon Abdurazakov with a souvenir gift of Güzeller Organized Industrial Zone.

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