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Turkey and Uzbekistan strongly rooted in history, religion, language and culture are the brotherly and friendly countries with ties.

Turkey is a country which has signed "The Treaty of Eternal Friendship" with Uzbekistan in 1996. Turkey has many agreements with many countries. And it has many friendship, good neighbour relations and cooperation agreements with many friendly countries. None of these agreements is called the "The Treaty of Eternal Friendship" So, since the establishment of the Republic of Turkey, we are signing a treaty of eternal friendship for the first time, and we have signed with Uzbekistan.

The meaning of this agreement is far more than the meaning of the word that it expresses. The word says "eternal". But the fundamental meaning, two brotherly countries which accept friendship in all circumstances, they decide to refuse all kinds of malignancy that may lead to this friendship without any blinking, without any reconsidering.

"Treaty of Eternal Friendship" has a great meaning. There is no limit on this. In the full sense, the two countries will be together until the end of life and will overcome the difficulties and obstacles that stand in their way together. The Marmara Group Foundation is also involved in this exceptional friendship with its civil society identity.

In the years left behind, we took part in numerous events in Uzbekistan as The Marmara Group Foundation. The Marmara Group Foundation is a think tank that puts it's signature under nice and fruitful works in civil society relations in Tashkent, Samarkand, Fergana, Urgench, Hive, Karsi, Bukhara, Andican, Turkish-Uzbek. Our relationships are beautiful enough to be exemplary to other countries, other think tanks.

The cooperation of Marmara Group Foundation and Uzbekistan is one of the most important partnerships that most civil society organizations should take as an example.