20th Eurasian Economic Summit has been completed with the participation of 44 countries

20th Eurasian Economic Summit has been completed with the participation of 44 countries

20th Eurasian Economic Summit was finalized with the valued participation of 300 statesmen, academicians, religious functionaries and businessmen from 44 countries. The Guest of Honor of this year’s Summit, of which Azerbaijan was again chosen as the star country, was Edward De Bono, a world-renowned visionary writer....

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Republic of Turkey is 94 years old

29.10.2017 - Read : 46

29th October is a very special day in the calendar of Turkey. 29th October is the Republic Day of Turkey or (29 Ekim Cumhuriyet Bayramı ). The day marks the anniversary of the proclamation of the Turkish Republic when Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was named as its first leader. On 28th October, 1923, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk announced that the Turkish Republic would be proclaimed the following day and this day is also part of the Republic Day commemorations. HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY (This picture is the cover of world-renowned TIME MAGAZINE published after the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey -1923)

National Day of Austria Celebrated in Ankara

12.10.2017 - Read : 122

Austrian Ambassador to Turkey Dr. Ulrike Tilly gave a reception at Swiss Hotel for the Austrian National Day. The reception was attended by foreign mission chiefs in Ankara. Along with state officials and private sector representatives Mr. Şamil Ayrım has attended on behalf of the Marmara Group Foundation.

Marmara Foundation continues to visit the Ambassadors

11.10.2017 - Read : 137

The Marmara Group Foundation is continuing its efforts to promote the 21st Eurasian Economic Summit with visits to the Ambassadors. Delegation of the Marmara Group Foundation consisting of Dr. Akkan Suver and Şamil Ayrım have visited Latvian Ambassador H.E. Pēteris Elferts, Ambassador of Belarus H.E. Andrei Savinykh, Slovakian Ambassador H.E. Anna Turenicova, acting Ambassador of Croatia H.E. Ivan Picukarić, accompanied by Ambassador-Undersecretary H.E. Hrvoje Cukovic, Undersecretary of the Embassy of Afghanistan H.E. Ahmad Khalid Elmi, Ambassador of Bangladesh H.E. M. Allama Siddiki and Kazakhstan Ambassador H.E. Abzal Saparbekuly respectively in their offices and made presentations on the 21st Eurasian Economic Summit.(PLEASE CLICK THE TITLE FOR DETAILS)

Marmara Group Foundation in Kosovo

10.10.2017 - Read : 150

Within the framework of the coming 21st Eurasian Economic Summit, Marmara Group Foundation delegation consisting of Akkan Suver, Şamil Ayrım and İbrahim Aksoy visited Kosovo as guests of Kosovo President H.E. Hashim Thaçi. During the talks, Dr. Akkan Suver invited Kosovo President H.E. Hashim Thaçi to the 21st Eurasian Economy Summit which will be held next year and gave information on the subject. Followingly, the Marmara Group Foundation delegation visited the Minister of Public Administration H.E. Mahir Yağcılar and the Turkish Republic Kosovo Ambassador H.E. Kıvılcım Kılıç in their offices and invited them to the 21st Eurasian Economic Summit.


10.10.2017 - Read : 131

During their visit to the Ataturk School in Ulaanbaatar on the long Ankara Boulevard, which cuts through the city center, the delegation of the Marmara Group Foundation had an extraordinary experience. While visiting and taking pictures of Atatürk’s bust in front of the school, Dr. Akkan Suver and Şamil Ayrım saw that some of the children were running towards them. "What's going on?" they said as the children were wrapped around their legs and hands. When the guides said that the children were shouting "Atatürk's relatives had come," Dr. Suver and Ayrım were excited and moved facing this spontaneous picture. They took pictures with the kids. Witnessing Atatürk and love towards Atatürk in a ten-hour flight from Istanbul touched them.

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