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International Relations


Corona Days

7.7.2020 - Read : 556

As Marmara Group Foundation with our civil society identity we welcome your efforts, studies and solutions at local and global level to our Corona Days website. Our information pool, Marmara Group Foundation Corona Days / Corona Days, is open to your opinions and thoughts as a free tribune. We believe that we will win this war together. Please click on the headline to read the messages of Dr. Akkan Suver, Milo Djukanovic President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanovic, I. Bartholomeos, Şeyh-ül-İslam Allahşükür Paşazade, Ertuğrul Kumcuoğlu, Yüksel Çengel, Engin Köklüçınar, Ali Rıza Arslan, Müjgan Suver, Lale Aytanç Nalbant, Turan Sarıgülle, Sezgin Bilgiç, Atty. Serhat Tabanca, Sevil Kulak, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Samsunlu, Necdet Timur, Murat Ali , Prof. Dr. Erman Tuncer, Prof. Dr. Ali Bardakoğlu, President of Chinese People’s Institute for Foreign Affairs Wang Chao, Tamer Atalay, Baha Afaneh, Bosnia Herzegovina Secretary of the Government Edita Kalajdžić, Halid Niyazov, Ambassador Ou Boqian, Li Zhiqiang, Ambassador Dr. Dagva Tsakhilgaan, Leonardo Manzari Mahmut Saklı, Hadi Nezir, Birol Kılıç, Canio Trione, Bahadır Aksoy Flavius Caba-Maria, İbrahim Aybar, Her Majesty Margareta of Romania, Mehmet Reis, Prof. Dr. Zahari Zahariev, Emir Kır , Hulusi Kılıç, Petru Lucinschi President of Moldova (1977-2001), Xiaoqiang Zhang and Moncef Marzouki Former President of the Republic of Tunisia from the Marmara Group Foundation family.

Corona Days -II-

6.7.2020 - Read : 51

As Marmara Group Foundation, we are waiting for your local and global level work, effort and solution suggestions to our Corona Days web page with our civil society identity. Our Corona Days web page, as a knowledge pool, is open to your opinions and thoughts as a free tribun. In our first part of Corona Days, you will find representatives of 14 countries and the writings of the Marmara Group Foundation family. In this current section, you can find the articles that we received after April 4, 2020.

On The Occasion Of 5th April International Day of Conscience Dr. Akkan Suver Published a Message

4.4.2020 - Read : 76

We, as Turkey’s Marmara Group Foundation, celebrate United Nations International Day of Conscience with our civil society identity in these Corona Days we live in. Nowadays, where the world of humanity gives a great test, the importance of conscience emerges spontaneously. The Conscience tests us with the events we are experiencing. In other words, conscience has confronted humanity with the awareness of the good and the bad. I would like to say that on the occasion of International Day of Conscience; in the expiry of troubled days, I believe that in our world some values will either change shape or disappear. We will see if we live! We seem to be hurled towards a digital world order. We are faced with a scenario that aims to pave the way for young people who adapt to the internet and artificial intelligence. This scenario; I don't want to believe it, but it sounds like a project to eliminate our generation that can't keep up with technology! The question “What are the people over the age of sixty five doing in the world of robots?” is mind-boggling. On the other hand, it seems that the paper money will not remain. Bit coin can knock on the door at any time. We are confronted with smart alecks that suggest irrational suggestions against the printed media and talk about the virus-transferring newspaper. Education has been online, the houses have turned into a classroom and everyone is on the lookout. Shopping has stopped. Groceries and the market is preparing to serve with a remote control. There are locks on the doors of all the temples without any exemption; mosques, djemevis, churches, synagogues and other faith groups all over the world. Visits to Mecca are forbidden. Not only the Vatican itself, but even its square is closed. It is impossible to approach the Wailing Wall. The darkest and most loyal devotees of every religion and belief have been silent on this subject. With the exception of Antarctica, war is taking place in every country of every continent. The glorious international organizations are in desperation. Every country strives to end this war with its own resources. While all sectors scream from banks to factories, from shops to aircraft companies; telephone companies are experiencing their golden periods. For me, humanity is on a milestone. A virus closed us. I don't even want to think about what do we do if another virus cuts or blocks our electricity or natural gas? Hooters of digital technology, artificial intelligence, and internet are ringing. We are on the eve of a new order. We will see if we live? But let's know that our tomorrow will never look like today... With these feelings, I salute everybody in the International Day of Conscience, with our civil society identity and with my belief that we should approach the events and people more conscientiously.

It's been 23 years since we lost Alparslan Türkeş

4.4.2020 - Read : 66

We lost Alparslan Türkeş, the leader of the Turkish nationalist movement and the founder of the Nationalist Movement Party, on April 4, 1997. Alparslan Türkeş, who brought the Nationalist Movement Party to his Turkish political life, brought his party to power as a coalition partner in 1977, which he served as the Chairman of the General Assembly between 1969 and 1997, and served as Deputy Prime Minister in the 39th and 41st Governments of the Republic. In 23th year of his eternity, Dr. Akkan Suver made a statement; "Everybody knows Türkeş as a soldier because of he has served as a colonel. However, he spent twenty-two years of his eighty-years-life as soldiers and thirty-seven years as politician. The Nationalist Movement Party is his monument. While remembering him with mercy and nostalgia in the twenty-third year of death, I would like to mention here appreciation that took place in the year left behind. For this important statesman, as an example of appreciation, the TRNC State turned the house where Alparslan Türkeş was born, into a museum. I also attended the opening of the Museum together with Vice President Fuat Oktay, Tuğrul Türkeş and TRNC Prime Minister Ersin Tatar. I believe that in the coming years we will understand his value better. I remember Alparslan Türkeş with mercy and nostalgia in the 23rd year of his eternity. "

Azerbaijan State awarded Şamil Ayrım

2.4.2020 - Read : 110

"Friendship Ordinance-Friendship Medal" was given to Şamil Ayrım, a member of parliament to Istanbul and Marmara Group Foundation Board of Trustees Member, by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev. In the decree issued by the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev; (Şamil Ayrım will be awarded with the “Friendship Ordinance – Friendship Medal because of his work on the development of friendship and cooperation between the Republic of Turkey and Azerbaijan.) We congratulate Şamil Ayrım, a friend of ours, Marmara Group Foundation Board of Trustees Member. At the same time – Azerbaijan Turkey Parliamentary Friendship Group Chairman Şamil Ayrım had received the Azerbaijan Medal of Progress previously.

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