22nd Eurasian Economic Summit has been started with the participation of Binali Yıldırım, the president of Grand National Assembly of Turkey. President of Marmara Group Foundation Dr. Akkan Suver which inaugurated the summit said that Eurasian Economic Summits have become a tradition. Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, Montenegrin...

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Happy Newroz Festival

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We are in the high joy of realizing the common spring festival of the Turkish world, Newroz. We congratulate the Newroz Festival of the Turkish world as the Marmara Group Foundation.

Great Pride to Dr. Akkan Suver “THE MEDAL OF MERIT” from the President of the Republic of Macedonia

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“THE MEDAL OF MERIT” has been given to Dr. Akkan Suver due to his studies in the field of peace and dialogue and the relationships that he formed in civil society area between Macedonia and Turkey by the President of the Republic of Macedonia. A crowded group of guests which has involved Turkey Ambassador to Skopje Tulin Erkal Kara, Montenegro Charge d'Affaires Jelena Mlacic, former Minister of the Republic of Macedonia Hadi Nezir and Furkan Cako, a famous journalist, writer and poet İlhami Emin attended to the ceremony held at the Presidential Palace in Skopje. Marmara Group Foundation, was present in the ceremony with a delegation of Müjgan Süver, Ali Rıza Arslan, Sezgin Bilgiç, Işıl Bilgiç and Av. Serhat Tabanca.

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