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Members of The Network of Checks and Balances Meet in Istanbul

24.11.2016 - Read: 4201
Members of The Network of Checks and Balances Meet in

Network of Checks and Balances has held an exploratory meeting with its members in Istanbul moderated by Mujgan Suver in representation of the Marmara Group Foundation, a member of the Coordination Group.

During the first session held under the title of “Political Developments and Assessing the State of Affairs” the members discussed the most recent events, the NGOs that were recently shut down as well as the state of the freedom to self organize in light of the Etat De Siege rulings. Factors to be mindful of, as well as the overall message of the network, were points of conversation.

In the afternoon, members had a chance to exchange information and ideas in sessions titled “Network of Checks and Balances future work” and “Time to take root rather than to branch out: Internal organization of the Network”.

Organized as third in the series of  meetings, with previous events organized in İzmir and Adana, these events are planned for Bursa, Ankara, Kayseri, Erzurum, Diyarbakır and Samsun.

The meeting adjourned with the decision to share the minutes of all of these meetings that will cover topics pertaining to the organization of the network as well as the country agenda, under the premise that this would increase the member participation.