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Constitutional Meeting

10.2.2017 - Read: 4296
Constitutional Meeting

Mujgan Suver chaired the Constitutional Meeting, in which Prof. Dr. Fuat Keyman and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Levent Korkut made a speech on behalf of Checks and Balances Network, before the Plebiscite.

The criterion must be, “Balance, check and democracy"

          Prof. Dr. Fuat Keyman and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Levent Korkut made a speech to media with an interactive meeting about the amendment of Constitution on behalf of Checks and Balances Network, which is consisted of 300 Non Governmental Organization, in Ankara where their head office is.

          In the meeting ,which is chaired by Mujgan Suver who is the President of the EU and Human Rights Platform of The Marmara Group Foundation and also a member of Checks and Balances Network, Prof. Dr. Fuat Keyman and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Levent Korkut stated their thoughts about the amendment on the Constitution as ;

          "Primarily, the most important issue that you need to know is that criterion of Checks and Balances Network is always balance, checks and democracy.

          The question of "Are you supporting Yes or No" became a current issue in Turkey. In fact, we are urged to answer this question similar to the question of “Do you love mother or father more?".

          The motto of Checks and Balances Network is “We think in different ways, but we solve together"

          Checks and Balances Network will not be an intermediary for citizens to be divided with the question of "Yes or No". Instead of this, we prefer analyzing the content and finding the solution, particularly focusing on another point.

          We will remain living together after plebiscite whether the result is yes or no. Democracy is not only the act of voting. We as citizens and Non-Governmental Organizations will have the demand to have a role in decision making processes after voting.
          We will always ask this question: What kind of a checks and balances system do we, as the citizens, want? What kind of a system do we envision?

          Beyond yes or no, let’s look at the content, talk, improve our discussion culture, find a solution altogether.

          In our definition of checks and balances system, empowering executive, legislative, and judicial, media, civil society and local powers exist. Certainly, at the heart of all of these, all of us, as the citizens, stand.

          At this point, as media and civil society, a prominent role fall to us. We have an important request from you. If we manage to carry today’s conversations beyond “yes”, “no” and provide true information to the citizens, we will be able to fulfill our duty of a reliable source of information properly.”

          Dilara Zengin-Anatolian News Agency,Erdem Gül-Cumhuriyet, Serpil Çevikcan-Milliyet, Emin Pazarcı-Akşam Newspaper, Deniz Zeyrek-Hürriyet Newspaper, Cem Gurbetoğlu-Evrensel Newspaper, Fox TV Ankara representative Sedat Bozkır, Cumhuriyet Newspaper columnist Çiğdem Toker, Özlem Akarsu Çelik-Bianet, Tarık Işık-Sabah Newspaper and Murat Çelik-Vatan Newspaper participated in the meeting.