Marmara Group Foundation at Anıtkabir

Wednesday, April 23, 2024 - Read: 627
Marmara Group Foundation at Anıtkabir

Marmara Group Foundation visited Anıtkabir before the 2024-2025 working period.

Atatürk signed the Book of Honor of Anıtkabir with Akkan Suver and his friends.

Prof. Dr. Akkan Suver wrote the following in the Anıtkabir Book of Honor:

"Great Atatürk, my friends and I are proud and excited to be in your presence today with our civil society identity as the Marmara Group Foundation.

We would like you to know that we take Your words "Peace at home, peace in the world" as our guide in every activity and every meeting in which we represent the Turkish nation as a civil think tank in the international arena.

May you rest in peace.
Like our nation, we are the owners and guardians of your works.
Dr. Akkan Suver
Marmara Group Foundation President
April 17, 2024".
Dr. Akkan Suver, Lale Aytanç Nalbant, Cafer Okray, Ümran Köksüz, Mahmut Saklı, Serhat Tabanca, Turan Sarıgülle, Oğuzhan Ceylan, Rahmi Dilek, Belgin Tanrıverdi, Erol Altaş, Kerim Yazıcı, Dr. Hüseyin Avcı, Murat Keçeciler, Uğur Tok, Hasan Öksüz and Ömer Meral were present at the visit.