Prof. Dr. Akkan Suver visited the Charge dAffaires of Montenegro in Tirana.

Wednesday, May 15, 2024 - Read: 565
Prof. Dr. Akkan Suver visited the Charge dAffaires of M

Dr. Akkan Suver, who is in Tirana within the framework of the 63rd General Assembly of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation, continues his diplomatic contacts.

On July 15, 2024, he first visited the Charge d'Affaires of  (Montenegro)   Dorde Jankovic Stating that as the Honorary Consul of Montenegro Balıkesir, Dr. Suver accepted the visit to the Montenegro Embassy as a duty, the Charge d'Affaires   Dorde Jankovic also presented a book as a gift. Marmara Group Foundation Board of Trustees Member Göksel Bilgiç accompanied him during the visit.
After his visit to Montenegro, Dr. Akkan Suver was received by former President Bamir Topi (2007-2012).
After the reception, Dr. Akkan Suver was given a dinner in his honor by President Ilir Meta (2017-2022) and in the evening he visited Odeta Nishani, the wife of the former President of Albania, the late Bujar Nishani (2012-2017). Albanian MP Kreshnik Çollaku was also present during the visit.
Dr. Akkan Suver, who visited with Göksel Bilgiç, had a cordial meeting with the Chargé d'Affaires of Montenegro.
Stating that he had previously visited Ambassador Dusan Mrdovic in Tirana on June 9, 2017, Dr. Akkan Suver presented information about his work in Turkey to the Charge d “affaires Dorde Jankovic.
Dr. Akkan Suver paid the last visit to Tayyar Kağan Atay, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey in Tirana. During the visit where an evaluation of the two-day activities was made, Dr. Akkan Suver presented information about the activities of the Marmara Group Foundation to Ambassador Tayyar Kağan Atay.

H.E. Bamir Topi and Dr. Akkan Suver together
H.E. Ilir Meta and Dr. Akkan Suver together

Odeta Nishani, MP Kreshnik Çollaku and Dr. Akkan Suver together
Ambassador Tayyar Kağan Atay, Dr. Akkan Suver and Göksel Bilgiç together