Dr. Akkan Suver Was Awarded With the State Sign of Albania

Saturday, June 9, 2017 - Read: 4607
Dr. Akkan Suver Was Awarded With the State Sign of Alba

The president of the Marmara Group Foundation Dr. Akkan Suver was awarded with the "Special Merit Medal" by the President of Albania Bujar Nishani for his works on peace and stability in the Balkans.

Speaking during the medal ceremony, President Nishani stated that Dr. Akkan Suver is well aware of peace, stability and coexistence in the Balkans with the non-government organization that he is leading with modest means.

In his speech, Dr. Akkan Suver said; "I accept this medal as a medal given to non-governmental organizations of the great Turkish nation, not only to my own."

At the ceremony, charge d'affaires of the Republic of Turkey to Tirana, Sinan Cem Baş, from the delegation of the Marmara Group Foundation Müjgan Suver, Şamil Ayrım, Gülhan Ayrim, Dr. Fatih Saraçoğlu, Aslı Gezmiş, Cafer Okray, Sen Okray, Yalcin Sönmez, Nurdan Sönmez, Ibrahim Aksoy and Emel Aksoy were present.

At the ceremony, as Dr. Akkan Suver is also the Honorary Consul General of Montenegro to Istanbul, Ambassador of Montenegro to Tirana Dusan Mrdovic was present.

The delegation of The Marmara Group Foundation, which was accepted by the President Bujar Nishani before the ceremony, presented their high appreciation to His Excellency. In addition, the delegation asked Bujar Nishani not to deny his interest to the Marmara Group Foundation.


 President of Albania H.E. Bujar Nishani received the delegation of the Marmara Group Foundation before the ceremony.



President of Albania His Excellency Bujar Nishani
First Lady of Albania Her Excellency Odeta Nishani
Ambassador of Montenegro His Excellency Dusan Mrdoviç
Charge D'affaires of Republic of Turkey Cem Sinan Baş

I present my gratitude to Your Excellency for giving me this great honor while you are completing the Presidential Duty that Albanian Nation gave it to you with their free will on behalf of my family and myself in particular, also on behalf of the Marmara Group Foundation which I chair and Turkish Nation that I belong to.
Esteemed President,

I want to express the pride and honor that I feel from this great privilege you gave me. Throughout my life, a wide variety of awards have been given to me both in Turkey and abroad. Each one of them has a distinctive importance, a separate value and meaning in my life time of 75 years. However, the medal you give me here today will always have a special meaning and value.
I know what this title means. My shoulders, my heart and my mind will bear the responsibility that it gives me.
Respectable President,

As you have high knowledge, the happiness and sadness of the Turkish-Albanian associations are similar because the nations share the same value judgments.

When Great Atatürk sent the first Turkish Ambassador to Albania, he gave the following recommendations;

"We love Albanian people. We know them as brothers. We want their state and nation to be strengthened and progressed seriously and precisely. We desire them to win the position that they deserve in the Balkans in an independent and secure matter. This is the basis of political relations between Turkey and Albania."

These words are an alive testament for the Turkish State and the Turkish nation.

It should never be considered too much to try to say that the roots of our bonds are in the depths of history and above all, two nations are nourished by the will of themselves to develop their common values. Our countries have become open spaces for our people to help each other, to defend each other and to commiserate, as true friends do.

The Great Poet Mehmet Akif, who wrote our national anthem, is an intellectual with the Albanian origin. Şemsettin Sami Frasheri is a thinker who wrote the first encyclopedia in Turkey, had Albanian origins. Ali Sami Yen, who founded one of the most important sports club of my country Galatasaray, is also an Albanian sportsman.

No one knows or can predict the number of our Albanian citizens in the state, politics, bureaucracy, academic and working life, because they are the essential elements of the Turkish nation.

Turkey and Albania have become the expressions of friendship that is continuous and beneficial.
Esteemed President,

On behalf of Turkish civil society and my own, I wish Your Excellency and your family the best of health and happiness in these days when you are successfully completing your honorable mission, and I offer my sincere respects to the friendly Albanian nation that you represent.

And I say; " Rrofte Vellazeria Turko - Shqiptare "

The delegation of the Marmara Group Foundation visited the Ambassador of Montenegro to Tirana in his office after the Medal Ceremony.