We Lost Sami Kohen

Saturday, October 22, 2021 - Read: 309
We Lost Sami Kohen

We lost the famous foreign policy writer Sami Kohen. The death of Sami Kohen, who was a foreign policy writer for Milliyet Newspaper for 67 years and participated in the Marmara Group Foundation's international trips, meetings, Eurasian Economic Summits and supported our work with his articles, caused great sadness in the Marmara Group Foundation Family.

On Sami Kohen's passing on to the great beyond, Dr. Akkan Suver wrote an article titled “Cağaloğlu’ndan Bir Sami Kohen geçti” (Sami Kohen passed through Cağaloğlu) in Milliyet Newspaper.

We bow respectfully before the cherished memory of Sami Kohen and share the pain of his grieving family.