Dr. Akkan Suver is in Tashkent

Saturday, October 23, 2021 - Read: 433
Dr. Akkan Suver is in Tashkent


Marmara Group Foundation President Dr. Akkan Suver was bestowed with the Fergana Chapan (traditional coats) in Tashkent, where he went to participate in the Uzbekistan Presidential elections which will be held on October 24 as an Observer. 


Dr. Akkan Suver first visited the International Institute for Central Asia. There, he received a briefing on the economic and social developments in Uzbekistan along with Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Bağcı and Prof. Dr. Mehmet Seyfettin Erol.


Dr. Akkan Suver then visited the Uzbekistan Strategic Development Center, directed by Eldar Tulyakov. 

In the evening, Dr. Akkan Suver watched "The Case of Maysara" at Alisher Navoi Opera House.