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The New World After the Coronavirus 

Hello to the New World Economy and the New World!



The twenty-third of the Eurasian Economic Summits, which have been organized by the Marmara Group Foundation for 22 years without interruption, has been postponed to 7-8 October 2020 due to the fact that the coronavirus epidemic that we are living in has not yet completely disappeared.
As the Marmara Group Foundation Executive Council, we have postponed the 23rd Eurasian Economic Summit to 7-8 October 2020 as a result of our meetings with international organizations and our partners since the coronavirus epidemic that we are living in is not yet over.
In the meantime, we have made some innovations in some of the topics, considering the conditions of today.
The coronavirus outbreak has created a new opportunity for nations to work together. We believe that we must abandon disputes and urgently turn to rational voices and international cooperation.
Because we are at the brink of a multidimensional change and transformation. We are facing a virus outbreak that targets and threatens humanity. This virus, which brought our lives to a standstill, changed people's lifestyles.
A New Normal
(We will encounter a "new normal" after the crisis. This "new normal" will require our economy and our people to be slow, careful and restrained.

Assuming that no society can escape from change, we will now draw our future line with the Coronavirus.
Therefore, the 23rd Eurasian Economic Summit; In the Light of One Generation-One Road Project, we will open an international discussion under the title of Health, Economic, Social and Cultural Effects of Coronavirus.
At the 23rd Eurasian Economic Summit, which is now accepted as a tradition in the world; After the global economic crisis caused by the pandemic, we will discuss long-term sustainable energy policies in Eurasia with global and local actors.
Many opportunity windows will be opened in this crisis. The fastest prepared countries will benefit the most from these opportunities. When life after the epidemic enters the normalization process, it will be of great importance for countries to try to increase their production potential.
There will be faster progress than expected on the virtual and digital side, and we will experience such a trend in the economic and financial areas. Losses in labor markets will surely occur. There will be a contraction in international trade. It is a fact that countries will try to increase their shares in total trade while the world trade volume is narrowing. This will depend on how ready they are to produce after the crisis; In other words, a world will be created for those who can immediately respond to instant orders. We are now about to enter the loquat economy and the loquat order.)


(We will approach the economic effects and social structures of the coronavirus environment with the thought of protecting the future.
With the advent of the coronavirus, humanity was forced to innovate, to change the way of working and life. While coronavirus threatens our health, it also threatens our economy, lifestyle and psychology. We believe that this threat will reverse over time and we will almost recreate ourselves in the post-coronavirus world.
The main goal is to make our people and states more durable and healthier after the epidemic. The fact is that when we leave the pandemic behind, the world will become much different. We will discuss the future economic scenarios at the 23rd Eurasian Economic Summit.)
(How will sustainable energy policies be shaped in Eurasia after the coronavirus outbreak?
The development of the global energy industry and the future of oil and the transformation of global energy: can there be a path to sustainability based on renewable energy sources?
What are the up and down digital transformation strategies for energy transitions and the global environment, and in the oil and gas industry for sustainable growth in the period of new technological partnerships?
What effects can Economic and political trends in the energy sector have at risk assessment in global energy governance? What effects can the Southern Gas Corridor project have on the region's energy supply security and regional development?
Changing gas markets against rising renewable energy sources: what values does the future have for LNG and natural gas pipelines?
What are the effects of supply security issues on the future of gas?
What is the importance of Partnerships for the Sustainable Energy Future of Eurasia and global trends in the energy sector?
How can we evaluate the challenges and opportunities for the global energy sector when it comes to the long-term development strategy with low greenhouse gas emissions?
How should market liberalization be considered as the driving force of renewable and innovative solutions?)
There Will Be the New Leaders of The New World After the Coronavirus!
(The emergence of new leaders with multi-actors, multipolar and new stories seems to cause economic, political and social models of their countries to be discussed. The new world will bring new leaders. Instead of far from the people, authoritarian, populist leaders; more populist leaders who can be an example with his/her social life, live together with their people, adopts growth by producing, and advocate sharing fairness will be the leaders of our new world. In fact, they will only be symbols with their existence, and the systems will be functional with their institutional features.)
Compulsory Coronavirus Innovation
(We can also see that coronavirus can cause considerable economic wealth and well-being many years from today. This is in our hands.
In a more contactless life, we believe that the use of touch digital systems will increase.
While the importance of IoT (Internet of Things) becomes apparent, our relationships with artificial intelligence and robots will become stronger.
We will discuss our post-coronavirus world at the 23rd Eurasian Economic Summit, where telemedicine systems will become widespread, online shopping will increase and new values such as e-sports will emerge.)
We are about to enter the most innovative period in history
(We face with the need for absolute global common mind beyond the national scale and our need solidarity-cooperation that this need as a reality.
We know that states were caught unprepared for the coronavirus!
The world is experiencing one of the most transformative moments of the last century. The social, economic and political consequences of the coronavirus crisis are not yet clear.
Despite all this, we believe that a better welfare state is possible.
But it would be wrong to believe that this will happen on its own and easily.)
A Strong-Controllable World with Common Mind
(Could the Eurasian Economic Union be part of the integration with the One Belt-One Road project?
The importance of our common humanity moving towards more collaborative and global solutions rather than deepening the differences between us for the good of the world.
When the outbreak threat comes to an end, we do not know what remains from the global economy we know.)
Global Integration of National Economies
(After this big pandemic we live, the need for absolute global common mind beyond the national scale and the necessity of solidarity-cooperation will arise. In this process, societies will have to redefine their foreign policies and international relations. We are on the eve of the establishment of a new order that will form or integrate a common world mind instead of regional alliances. In the coming days, it will be transformed into a global structural system where regional alliances are integrated and will move towards global but more disciplined world order.
The next days seem to lead us to a disciplined world order in the way that the common mind produced by different hierarchical groups becomes effective on the global system rather than independent government administrations.)
New Economy and World Order After Coronavirus
(After the coronavirus has already begun to speak in the world. Which professions will disappear and which new professions will emerge? What will happen in the economy, social life, education? A big change and projection analysis started to be made in the world.
Costs will decrease with the use of cyber-physical systems in smart factories, artificial intelligence robots, machines in factories, production will increase, with less energy, and production efficiency will widely change without a doubt. It is obvious that blue collars will now experience qualitative change with their integration into the automation system. In the business universe where robots and artificial intelligence will find more active and spreading areas in each sector, the area that will benefit most from this will be supply chains and innovation will be of great importance. New energy policies will also come in the economy of the future. Easy and pleasant transportation systems will be established with cheap electric cars. Traditional analog companies are now completing their era, it seems that the digital world will continue to rise rapidly.)
Some Patterns in Our Life Will Change
(All these changes will create a shock effect and we will have a hard time. When we are forced to do other things, new habits will begin to form. This will cause technology to have a much more serious impact on every stage of our lives. Everything will now penetrate our lives more digitally. It is also a fact that the measures will continue after the coronavirus and the social distance will continue. This will be reflected in transportation.)
We will meet at the 23rd Eurasian Economic Summit with the goal of establishing renewed and reorganized welfare states just like the World War II generation, with the desire to work and resist at a time when a unique polarization is experienced, democratic norms are shaken and the institutional capacity has deteriorated.
Leaders of Change Women Leaders Platform
(In the session of Leaders of Change Women Leaders Platform, we will discuss the gender equality debate workshop on the road map of the "new normal" conditions that will occur in the future.)

• Gender equality in a globalizing world, the role of women in social development,
• Women and Politics,
• Today, science and technology are moving at a stunning speed. Naturally, social, cultural, individual life and values, socio-economic and political structures and paradigms are changing.
• While global changes are taking place in politics and economy, we cannot ignore the female talents that make up half of the population. Research shows that strengthening the diversity of talent in social life will also increase the performance of institutions and countries.
• Countries and companies that want to be among the major economies and developed democracies of the world must now have a women's agenda.
• For this reason, our main goals should be to change the perception of gender equality, to implement practices to increase the position of women and the rate of employees, to create gender-sensitive family, school and workplace environments.
• Unfortunately, the fact that gender equality goals are included only in plans and programs, laws and political discourses does not bring them to realization. Its implementation is as important as the enactment of laws. A successful exchange program can only be implemented if promoted and fully supported by senior management.
• Are you ready to use the power you have in the upper ranks of men and women in politics, public and private sectors in order to support the assets of women at all levels?
• How can we remove existing stereotypes and transform the existing corporate culture?
• How can we create new and creative policies?
• All questions will be discussed at our meeting.
• The applied projects, good examples and experiences will be shared, and sample solution models will be sought together.
Respect and Governance
(In the Presidents session, we will talk about the dimensions of Globalization, Bilateral relations and localization in the New World Order that will occur after the coronavirus. In this session, we will discuss the new governance conditions that will occur. We will discuss the leadership qualities of the future. We will also consider international exchanges.)
• Politics clogged due to the inability of politics to develop new policies in the world has brought unusual leaders to power in democracies. With them, deviations from democracy and returns to policies of fear began. As a result of fear policies, changes in universal values, restriction of rights and freedoms, narrowed the living spaces of individuals as they expanded the field of politics. Especially young people started to react to the future in which they fell into this context. They brought up the necessity for everyone to have a right to life in social and international conditions. Some leaders run the country by creating fear of refugees, migrants, fear of Islamophobia, fear of terrorism, fear of extreme nationalism. Restrictions on freedom of thought and expression, compromises on human rights, deterioration of the media and judiciary, different reasons such as wars, recessions in the economy, started to cause young people and women who have different dreams than governments from the most developed countries to the most backward countries different countries to look for the solution in the streets. Angry people are on the streets in many countries on every continent of the world!
• Are the mass demonstrations that fill the streets from France to South America, Lebanon to Hong Kong today, a sign of world youth and women getting bored with the politicians of this day? Are the increasing mass demonstrations on the streets pointing to the birth of a new politics or the end of derailed democracies? The reasons are different, but dissatisfaction with the current economic and political order is the common denominator of all!
• Shouldn't governance institutions effectively safeguard health, adequate housing, adequate food, quality education, fair justice and personal security rights?
• Isn't it necessary to know the importance of the individual, the existence of society, the power of government, the administration of the state, the legal basis of legitimacy, the use of sovereignty, compliance with the law, the functioning of the law, the structure of the bureaucracy, the value of the civil society's own dynamics?
• The topics of the importance of human rights, global peace, global security, separation of powers in the state of law, transparency, secularism, the culture of democracy and the place of civil society in a democracy, and the causes of political disinterest are expected to be discussed at the 23rd Eurasian Economic Summit.
Terrorism and Regional Conflicts A Human Drama-Karabakh Session Platform
(We will bring the Karabakh occupation, which remains the focus of Terrorism and Regional conflicts in the Peace article of our Agenda, with the opinions of international speakers.)

Terror - Humanity's biggest problem
Effects of unresolved conflicts on regional cooperation and development.
How does the occupation of Nagorno Karabakh affect the region?
The biggest international problem facing brother Azerbaijan is the occupation of Nagorno Karabakh. One-fifth of Azerbaijani lands have been occupied by Armenia, and the difficulties of this occupation have been going on for years, despite any international objection.
Due to the occupation, which clearly violates the basic principles of international law, more than 1 million immigrants are trying to live away from their homes and lands in difficult conditions before the eyes of the world.
As Marmara Group Foundation, to solve this injustice faced by Azerbaijan in the most realistic way without wasting more time we will open it to discussion and evaluation carefully and will present our solution to the public by the owners of the subject.
Urban Platform
(We will discuss the role of cities and the importance of smart cities, artificial intelligence and robots in the fight against pandemics in the cities session we designed.)
• What are the effects of contemporary municipal services of the 21st century on local development?
• What is the importance of being human-oriented, egalitarian and inclusive and multidimensional in local development?
• The importance of social municipality for a better standard of living?
• What do we understand from the concept of the social municipality in terms of economic development, social sharing and inclusion, political participation and cultural pluralism?
• What are the requirements of socializing, directing, helping, investing in the social municipality?
• On the platform of cities where municipalities will exchange views on ecology and environment, transportation, social services, women, youth, disabled and children policies, cheap and healthy food production, and energy, we will open up to discuss the possibilities and expectations of future generations to meet their needs and expectations.
New Power Balances in Globalization
(We will also consider the active participation of countries in the future at the 23rd Eurasian Economic Summit, especially in the new global powers balance environment after the coronavirus.)

• With technology, the world has shrunk and today we have turned from a small number of polar structures to a multi-centered world strategy.
• The chaos we are experiencing today stems from our attempt to manage the 21st-century institutions with the 20th-century institutions. In today's world, where the importance of geopolitical power decreases with digital technology, power passes to economy and diplomacy.
• This causes a power imbalance. Therefore, we have started to discuss the concept of democracy. However, it was said that the search would end when democracy was reached. Today, the place of global democracy has replaced the diplomacy power in economy and relations with the promise of prosperity.
• Societies with declining welfare prefer leaders who promise to maintain wealth. When those leaders say I will revive their country, they are dragging the world into chaos.
• Today, instead of pluralistic democracy, the world has become a structure between the two lips of the leaders. This structure made strong diplomacy and democracy chaos.
• Another important issue is that our world is going to self-destruct. Global warming is one of the most important agenda items in this field. We are experiencing climate change. There are disasters in agriculture. We experience hurricanes, typhoons, extreme hot and cold weather globally. We are in a geological recession. Global losses from climate threaten human life.
• Globalization, economic crises, religious and ethnic differences as a threat to each other, regional conflicts, the spread of micro-nationalism, the movement of capital, the fact that electronic communication has no boundaries, the phenomenon of immigration caused by the vast masses of the world have reduced the importance of digital technology and geopolitical power in our world today.

As Marmara Group Foundation; The value of One Belt One Road project, which we consider as a project of peace and stability in politics, economy and culture, has increased globally during and after the coronavirus.
Because the world will not be the same as before, we will continue our lives with a new and reasonable normal.